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Take a Drone’s-eye View of an Event!


We recently had the opportunity to have some drone footage shot of a recent event. This really shows the scale and scope of a large event and how we can help fill the space with a wide variety of mechanical rides, inflatables, games and much more. Let us help you plan your event space for [...]

Take a Drone’s-eye View of an Event!2017-02-16T21:52:50+00:00

We Call It The Zombpocalypse!


It's a zombie tag experience unlike anything you've ever…experienced. Including an inflatable maze, fog, lasers, close-circuit cameras and it's a ton of fun. It's like laser tag without guns. Each player wears a lightweight badge that indicates his “health” level. Instead of aiming guns at each other, players simply try to get within 3ft face [...]

We Call It The Zombpocalypse!2017-02-14T23:13:24+00:00
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