Snow Machine

This Snow machine will make your party the best one around! We can help you make snow INDOORS or OUTDOORS! This is a must for Christmas parties both corporate and private. You can also add scent to your snow fall to give it another layer of authenticity.

Scents for Snow available upon request for an additional fee. Realistic Smells that will blow your scenes away in 1oz(2Gal) and 2oz(4Gal). Simply add one half ounce (0.5 oz.) of the solution to one gallon of your Fog, Haze, Snow & Bubble Juice to add the desired smell through your Holiday Party, Rave, Haunted Attraction, Home Haunt, Spooky Party, or Simulated Smoke Training.

Scent options: 

  • BBQ Pit, Boiler Room, Camp Fire, Cannabis Hemp, Chainsaw, Charred Corpse, Forest, Gasoline, Gothic, Gun Smoke/Cannon ball, Haunted House, Hospital, Mildew, Rain forest, Swampy Marsh, Tropical, Sulfur/Volcano

  • Holiday Spice, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cherry, Pepermint, Popcorn, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Cotton Candy, Lime Mint, Mohito Mint, Christmas Pine/Pine, Strawberry, Vanilla

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Snow Machine

Snow Machine

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Circuits needed: 2
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