An Epic Fourth Awaits!

An epic fourth awaits 1
An epic fourth awaits 1

An Epic Fourth Awaits!

Plan a colossal celebration this Independence Day. The Fourth of July is a Wednesday this year, so to make the most of it, plan an event that is as big as your love for America!

Giant Games For Your Gargantuan Gathering

Jenga – The aim of the game is to dismantle the tumble tower and rebuild it without losing any of the blocks or causing the tower to topple over in the process. Any number of players can join in a game of tumble tower and it can also be played alone. Fun for all ages!

Checkers – Enjoy a game of checkers in colossal proportions with Jumpin’ Jiminy’s Giant Sized Checker Set. Measuring nearly 10 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall, our sturdy checkers offer a fun game that the whole family can enjoy together!

Connect 4 – This Giant Connect 4 game is a must-have party game. The game requires all the strategy, skill — and of course a lot of luck — required in the smaller traditional version of the Connect 4 game that you know and love. The game stands 4 feet in height which means that even adults can play in comfort.

Horse Shoes – Awesomely oversized, this giant horseshoes game makes for hours of entertainment with fun-loving family and friends. This is a giant version of this picnic favorite game. Wouldn’t you like to see the horse that wears those?

Corn Hole – Tired of the same old cornhole? How about cornhole on steroids! Our Giant Cornhole boards are 3 foot x 6 foot and the eight synthetic toss bags weigh 2 lbs. each. This over-sized party game will be the hit of your event. This is the perfect competitive game to WOW your friends. Let’s see if you can hit the side of a barn!

Epic Eats for Your Elephantine Festivities

Make sure your snacks are big and bold enough to stand up to all the oversized action this Fourth of July.
Order a giant pizza! Plan ahead — you’ll probably have to special-order from your favorite pizza place. Look for New York-style places that specialize in slices to get the most-colossal pies.

Create pizza-sized cookies
Build a 6-foot sandwich
Or a mile-high sandwich
Bake a giant cupcake-shaped cake

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