Fundraising Success with Jumpin’ Jiminy

Fundraising Success with Jumpin’ Jiminy 1
Fundraising Success with Jumpin’ Jiminy 1

Fundraising Success with Jumpin’ Jiminy


Fundraising success starts with good planning. Call us first so we can walk you through all the planning steps. Here are some things to consider as you make your plan.

Set Your Goal Determine how much money you have to bring in to cover the expenses of the event and still net a nice donation for your cause. Set ticket prices and ride package prices accordingly. We can help you do the math and stay well within your budget.

Determine Event Type We love fundraising carnivals! Advertise that you’ll have dunk tankscarnival games and interactive products like Soccer DartsBungie BasketballJousting — these are big money makers. Premier mechanical rides—like our mechanical bull—can also be big hits. Plan a fun-raiser that will help you raise funds!

Find a Space Check with us early in the process so we can help you secure a venue and determine what the best layout is. Our inventory goes quickly, so call at the beginning of you process so we can help you make your event the most fun for the best price.

Spread the Word Start with a social media campaign. Advertise the event itself, but also don’t hesitate to ask for volunteers and prize donations through your campaign. Don’t forget banners and posters and notes home. For your youngest students, try sending them home wearing Fundraiser Tonight sticker! A gentle reminder to parents will be much appreciated.

Offer Prizes Ask sponsors like local businesses, vendors and local restaurants for gift cards and donations. As you advertise your event on social media, let your audience know what they can win! If you get a great new raffle prize donated, use it as an excuse to post about your event. We have raffle drums and tickets that will make it easy for you to manage entries and choosing winners.

Start Fundraising Early Presell every aspect of your event to get some working capital and some guaranteed attendance. Presell tickets to get in the door, raffle tickets, wristbands for ride packages, even food and drink tickets. Your audience will love it: the more you presell the less people will have to wait in line! Plus you’ll have a good idea well before your event of how much you can expect to fundraise.


All that planning will ensure that your day-of is fun for everyone — including the planning committee!

Plan Your Day The day of your event, Jumpin Jiminy will be all set up and ready go. We’ll do one last walk through and make sure things are exactly as you planned.

Prepare Your Staff Schedule a volunteer staff meeting to get reports and issue responsibilities to all appropriate parties. Include our professional staff if you need us to help with rides and interactives.

Sell at the Door Be ready and willing to sell tickets, raffle tickets and ride packages at the door. Have lots of change for cash customers plus a way for them to pay with a check or debit/credit card. Eliminate any barriers between their money and your donation account!

Be Present You’ve done all the planning. Your volunteers are ready to help. Now what?  Take lots of photos. Post to your social media (maybe even attract very last minute attendees!). Have fun!


Beyond cleaning up the venue and taking your deposit to the bank, there are some important details to attend to after your wildly successful fundraising event.

Say Thank You Use the same enthusiasm to thank your community that you did to invite them. Post thank-you notes and “how much we raised” info on your social media, banners and posters. Participants want to know if you reached your goal and how they helped. Send emails to volunteers thanking them for their time and participation.

Continue the Effort Continue to accept donations from your community after the event. Send out “sorry we missed you” notices to important donors or community members. Give them one last chance to help with your campaign.

Share the Love Be sure to let your community know how much you loved working with Jumpin Jiminy! We love hearing feedback from our customers. Drop us a line or post a review on Facebook. Helping you raise funds is a job we take very seriously. Let us know how we did!

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