Game On with Our New Arcade Consoles!

Pixel Play Arcade Game 4

Bring the classic feel of the golden age of joystick entertainment by bringing arcade games to your next event!

Strategically placing an arcade console in a dark or quiet area of your event can help to extend the ambiance with both bright flashing lights and fun sounds. Not to mention, both multiplayer and single games can catalyze social talking points and friendly competitions as your event guests reminisce about their childhood adventures.

Get Your Game Face On

The Vault
The clock is ticking. Can YOU solve the combination and unlock The Vault in time? This exciting new arcade game from Jumpin’ Jiminy will be very popular at your next corporate event, church party, or post-prom celebration!

Pixel Play
Four different arcade games in one giant game! Your guests are going to be so excited when we bring in this game to your event! Corporate party? Birthday party? Post-prom or post-grad celebration? Church event? Get ready for some totally awesome digital fun!

Pixel Party Theme Ideas

Colorful square restickable notes make great easy-to-hang and easy-to-clean wall decorations.  Map out your 8-bit art and blow it up to bigger than life! Check out this how-to video.

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