Glow Crazy with Glow-In-The-Dark Party Games!

Glow Crazy with Glow-In-The-Dark Party Games 1
Glow Crazy with Glow-In-The-Dark Party Games 1

Glow in the dark party games are perfect for warm summer nights!

Kids and adults will love our glow-in-the-dark products. Add a little light to your night at your luau, charity event, family reunion and more.

Don’t be afraid of the dark! Give us a call and we’ll help you choose a theme, a location and plan your entire event.

Black Out

For an extra fun glow-in-the-dark party, invite all your guests wear all black. It’ll make for really funny photos and even better glow effects for the games.

White Out

For a completely different twist, have all your guests wear all white.
Put black light bulbs in all your fixtures and turn the flash off on all your cameras.
You can even have glow in the dark refreshments, too. This fun article offers tricks to make treats for kids and adults light up the night!

‘80s Neon Fer Shure

A glow party is a rad reason to throw a totally ‘80s neon glow party! Have all your guests dress head to toe in neon colors and they’ll look great in an indoor black light area and the outdoor no-lights area! Can’t find your old mixtapes? Try a subscription service like Pandora or Spotify for party playlists full of all your ‘80s one hit wonders.

Let’s Glow

Playing outdoors does not have to be confined to the daylight hours. Once the sun has disappeared and the sky surrounds you with an inky darkness there are still many activities and team sports that can be played out underneath the stars.

Bubble Fog Machine
Fog is injected into the bubbles and they glow in black light — choose from either blue or green.

Glow Deluxe Mini Golf
The choice is yours: 3 holes, 6 holes, or 9 holes when you rent our new Glow Golf Set. With LED lights that we can set to flash or change colors, your guests will have a ball with this! Each set includes a different fun “obstacle” for your guests. Be sure to rent all 9 holes if you want the iconic mini-golf windmill included!

Glow Cube
Our 16″ LED cube has lots of options. With a variety of colors, solid or flashing, it is the brightest way to play our Giant Jenga game…or any other game!

Glow in the Dark Corn Hole
Glo parties are where it’s at! Rent our Glo Corn Hole and your next event will stand out. College campuses, church parties, Prom and Grad events will all go crazy for this new twist on an old favorite.

Glow, Glow Bumper Cars
Bumper cars that glow and play music they come in a set of 4 in an inflated arena.

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