It’s Time for Back-To-School!

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With summer vacation drawing to an end, the start of the school year is just around the corner. Let us help you plan your back to school event. There’s no better way to start the school year. Bring students and families and teachers together with fun Jumpin’ Jiminy products!

Maybe your event is a fundraiser or maybe it’s just a fun-raiser! Either way, we have everything you need for the youngest kindergarteners to the Class of 2025 to participate.

Elementary School Carnivals
Whether you’re a booster club, PTA or PTO, we’ll help you organize a back to school carnival that will help build a beloved tradition. Check out our My Little Farm Inflatable for the littlest kiddos and our challenging Olympic Challenge Obstacle Course for big kids and adults.

Middle School Madness
Help those awkward middle years go more smoothly with a back to school bash focused on what tweens need. Invite local business and professional organizations to sponsor a Dress Code Fashion Show, free haircuts, immunizations and health care screenings, drug and safety awareness and more. We’ll provide the stress-relieving interactive inflatables — make the teachers and administrators less intimidating by getting them into Gladiator Joust matches and Hamster Ball races with their students!

High School Freshman/Sophomore Orientation
High school student leaders! Let us help you plan a big day for your graduating class to welcome your incoming first year students. We’ll bring everything from the tables, tents, and trash cans, to the giant inflatablesgames and Nachos Machine!

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Check out the Official Back to School Guide for Tulsa Public Schools for more on being prepared for a great year to come. Then call us to help plan your event. We’ll do on-site walk-throughs to help you determine the best products for your events. We can recommend equipment, games, concessions and entertainers. We’re here for you every step of the way. Let us help you make the new school year the best school year yet!

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