Springtime Fun is Just Around the Corner.

Springtime Fun is Just Around the Corner 1
Springtime Fun is Just Around the Corner 1

Springtime Fun is Just Around the Corner.

As the temperature begins to drop in Tulsa, we’re already planning for spring! Pour yourself an ice cold lemonade and let’s start working on those exciting springtime events.

When the weather warms up, find a way to get students outside. Classes can explore nature using math or science skills or write a poem about the weather. Got an activity that is messy or noisy? Doing it on the field is a great way to enjoy spring.

Ready to go whole hog with a whole-school field day? Employ Jumpin’ Jiminy and let us put some pep in your students’ steps this spring. Be sure to offer activities that mix grades (let the big kids help the little kids!) and allow for all different skill levels. Ask teachers and staff to get involved too — not just supervise, but participate in activities!

Start with Tug of War
It doesn’t get more old-school than this Tug of War rope. Round up teams of students (and if you like, an adult or two on each team) and have them pull the opposite ends of the rope to see which team is the strongest. (grades K-5)

Other excellent games we offer that make for great competitions:
3-Leg Carnival Race leg Ties
Hoppy Balls

We also have inflatable obstacle courses to fit every size space you have! Check out our smallest and our largest.

Rent our parachute for Parachute Popcorn — a low stress game to involve kids of all skill levels. Have eight to 10 kids hold the edges of the parachute and toss light plastic or foam balls on top. Tell the children to start popping the balls up by making waves with the parachute. Add more balls throughout the game to see how many can stay in before any fall out.

Get sporty!
Field days are often organized by or for the physical education (PE) department to showcase what students have learned throughout the year. Put our sports products to work for you.
Bungee basketball
Deluxe mini golf set
Soccer darts
Slam n Jam inflatable basketball
And more!

PTO Today offers some great tips for running a great field day. Use their checklist and be sure to include Jumpin’ Jiminy in your fun day. We support you every step of the way.

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