You Won’t Believe These 15 Shocking New Products! (Number 12 is Hilarious!)

You Won’t Believe These 15 Shocking New Products! (Number 12 is Hilarious!) 1
You Won’t Believe These 15 Shocking New Products! (Number 12 is Hilarious!) 1

You Won’t Believe These 15 Shocking New Products! (Number 12 is Hilarious!)

We’re super excited to offer brand new products for you and your events! We think these new products will be great for company picnics, after-prom and grad night events, end of school year, college activities, church lock-ins — but we can’t wait to see what you dream up!

Our New Favorites!

Bumper Cars: Drive one of four bumper cars inside an inflated 25’ x 25′ arena. Drivers aged 10 and up will love the car’s festive LED lighting and fun sound effects.

Zombie Zap: Any age 2 to 3 players. Balls float on air use your gun to take the zombies down. This is an inflated game players stand on the ground not on an inflated surface to play game.

Hippo Chow Down: Four players are bungeed together to bring this traditional board game to life on this fully inflated ride. Your guests will be hungry, hungry to participate in this hilarious team game. Having a sports-themed party? Switch out the game’s round balls for footballs.

LED is all the rage!

Vault Arcade Game: One player at a time will attempt to unlock The Vault by cracking the “secret code” in just 30 seconds! Using the hand-held trigger, try to stop the orbiting white light in a red “locked” zone. Progress through all five digits of the code and you win! Ages 10 and up will get the most use out of this game.

Pixel Play Arcade Game: Pixel Play brings four retro arcade games to life on a giant 676 LED light panel. Great two-player games for hours of entertainment for any occasion. Easy to transport and sets up in minutes.

Using the Game Select button, choose your desired game, and when ready, hit the start button. Each player will use their own controls. Ages 6 and up will get the most use out of this game. Two Players at a time or one player — just like in the arcade! Games: Pixel Python, Pixel Pieces (like Tetris), Pixel Paddles (just like Pong), Pixel Paint

LED Cube: LED is all the rage for events. This 16 x 16 cube can be used in a number of ways starting with the perfect place for Giant Jenga. Any age.

New old-fashioned games!

Giant Horse Shoes: The giant version of this picnic favorite game. We’d like to see the horse that wears these shoes! Any age that can throw the giant horse shoe can play. Four players compete.

Giant Cornhole: Cornhole on steroids! 3 feet wide x 6 feet tall, double the size of a standard cornhole board. The toss bags weigh 2 pounds. Double the size and double the fun!
Any age. Four players at a time.

Skee-Ball: Just like the traditional electronic game only these are much, much larger. These inflatable units are sure to entertain guests of all ages and probably bring back some fun memories as well. Any age.

Face Off Air Hockey: Recreate the fun and excitement of sending a puck flying across a table as you compete with friends in an arcade with this new version of air hockey. An inflated game players stand on the ground to play this game. Ages 10 and up will get the best use out of this game.

Frame Games: Pin the Tail on the Donkey / Rattle Snake Roundup / Laser Toss
Looking to theme out your event adding a 7 x 7 frame game is a low cost way to add decor and fun. Any age can play. Not inflated no power required. Perfect for any event.

3D Twister: 4 to 6 riders. Ages 4 and up will get the best use. This game is inflatable rides are on an inflated surface. Great for retro parties / all 80’s parties.

New obstacle courses!

Toxic Run Obstacle Course: 95ft Obstacle course. Themed out with a Toxic theme. Best for 6 years and over. This is a fully inflated interactive ride two riders at a time.

Ultimate Obstacle Course: Two players face off in this huge inflatable obstacle course. Players ages 6 years and over will love this interactive ride.

20 ft Duel Lane Accelerator Slide: Two sliders share one climber on this inflatable ride. Ages 4 and up are best for this ride — the climb can be challenging.

Think of us for your company picnics, family reunions, watch parties, tailgate parties, church functions — any event big or small! We’ll help you entertain your guests one and all.

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