You will receive a rules sheet upon booking with us.  Please make copies for all who will be attending your units, make sure they read and sign all docs. All rules posted on the unit should be followed, all rules given verbally after set-up, and all rules in your contract.

State law requires a knowledgeable attendant to be at the entrance of the unit at any time it is in operation.  Some units require more than one attendant so be sure and read all rules sheets and make sure all riders comply with all rules. Jumpin’ Jiminy will only provide an attendant if you request and pay for an attendant in advance of your  event and it is part of your contract. If you have been told your ride comes with  an attendant at the time of booking you will not need to have a volunteer ready. Jumpin Jiminy will send an email with a video and test for you/your attendants to watch that covers how to attend an inflatable ride.