If event is cancelled outside of 30 days from the start date of the event, the 50% deposit will be refunded, upon customer’s request. Otherwise it will be applied to a future event within 12 months of the cancelled event. If event is cancelled, for any reason, within 30 days of the event, deposit cannot be refunded but will be applied to a future event within 12 months. Any fees from cancellation can not be used during any major holidays and customer gets one reschedule date only.  In case of a cancellation due to rain or inclement weather, please call Jumpin’ Jiminy Inc. by 3PM on the day prior to your scheduled delivery day so that we can cancel the delivery of your rental and save you the delivery / service charge.  Although we work with you to deliver at a convenient time, delivery times are at our discretion. Our staff will call to confirm delivery times.  Customer must cancel event before Jumpin’ Jiminy Inc. leaves its warehouse. If customer does not cancel, payment is due in full and no refunds or credits will be applied.  If Jumpin’ Jiminy Inc. employees are told to set up and begin to unload vehicle, full payment is due for the event.  Entertainers are reserved for your event when you book them. So, if an entertainer is cancelled within 14 days of your event, up to a full fee for that entertainer may be charged, in most cases 50% of the fee will be charged. Jumpin’ Jiminy Inc. reserves the right to not set up if payment, in full, has not been made prior to the event. Any organization or customer that fails to pay a deposit, that organization or customer agrees to pay 50% of the entire invoice amount if event is cancelled within 36 hours of scheduled delivery time. Any other special cancellation provisions are at the determination of Jumpin’ Jiminy Inc. Management and Owner. All credits are only good for Jumpin’ Jiminy Inc. owned equipment. Credits cannot be used towards vendor items or staffing.