It’s kind of like having your very own carnival! Make your own midway with our phenomenal line up of Mechanical Rides. Add a Tubs of Fun, Wrecking Ball, and Whirly Bird to your event, along with some games and concessions, and you and your guests will have a non-stop, thrill ride of a good time.

What is a Mechanical Ride?

Mechanical rides are an amusement staple dating back to the mid-1800’s. Steam was the primary power mechanism. Prior to the addition of steam, muscle power was used. Roundabouts, the ancestor of the carousel, were popular and kids would often trade their manual labor for ride. Fortunately we’ve moved away from the days of steam and muscle.

Mechanical rides today span the gamut in size and complexity. And now they’re even more accessible than ever. Did you know we have mini versions of some of your favorite rides. Including our Chaos Swing, Dragon Fly, and Revenge of the Sea. And don’t forget our tried and true favorites like the Mechanical Bull and Rock Wall. These are crowd pleasers for sure!

Carnival Row

Let Jumpin’ Jiminy help you plan the ultimate midway line up. Craft your own carnival row with games and concessions. Top it off with a selection of our mechanical rides and you have your very own mini-carnival! No wrist-bands or tickets necessary to ride.

Book Now

Our inventory is large – but it’s not unlimited. We have a great selection of Mechanical Rides to make your event an unforgettable experience. Book now to make sure you get the rides you want to create your ultimate carnival experience.

Need some help? We’re happy to help you plan the best event ever! At least until we help you plan your next event. Give us a call to set up a time to come in and check out our line up. We’ll walk you through planning an amazing event, and give you a hands-on experience in the process.