3D Inflatable Twister

Get ready for a whirlwind of excitement with our brand-new 3D Inflatable Twister! This innovative twist on the classic game will have you flipping (quite possibly, literally!) with joy. With three added playing surfaces, the fun factor skyrockets as you navigate the colorful maze of positions. Perfect for Project Graduation events, post-prom parties, and company picnics, our 3D Twister adds an exhilarating twist to any occasion.

Why Choose 3D Inflatable Twister?

Multiple Playing Surfaces: With additional surfaces on walls and the floor, every call becomes an adventure, challenging players to contort and balance in unexpected ways.

Endless Fun: Imagine the laughter and friendly competition as players twist and turn, trying to maintain their balance in this inflatable extravaganza.

Perfect for All Events: Whether it’s a school event, corporate gathering, or community picnic, our 3D Inflatable Twister is designed to add a dynamic and interactive element to any celebration.

We Bring the Fun to You!

Jumpin’ Jiminy is all about bringing the fun directly to your doorstep, whether you’re in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, or Kansas. Our team is ready to set up 3D Inflatable Twister and turn your event into a colorful, laughter-filled spectacle. Let the spinning, twisting, and flipping begin – contact us now to book your unforgettable 3D Inflatable Twister experience!

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 15x15x8
Space Needed: 15x15x8

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