Bubble Hockey

Prepare for fast-paced, tabletop excitement with our Bubble Hockey game! Perfect for competitive players and hockey enthusiasts, this game brings the thrill of ice hockey to your event in a compact and energetic package.

How It Works: Fast-Paced Action, Unmatched Fun

In Bubble Hockey, two players go head-to-head, manipulating their players with skillful hands and strategic moves. Encased in a bubble-like dome, the players glide smoothly across the table, aiming to score goals while defending their own net. The game is a whirlwind of rapid movements, quick thinking, and lightning-quick reflexes. It’s an adrenaline-fueled experience that keeps players on their toes and the crowd cheering for more.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions:
Space Needed:

Why Choose Bubble Hockey?

High-Energy Competition: Bubble Hockey delivers intense one-on-one competition, making it a crowd favorite at parties, gatherings, and team-building events.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Bubble Hockey is accessible to all skill levels. Simple controls ensure everyone can jump in and enjoy the game, while its depth challenges even the most experienced players.

Interactive Entertainment: Encourage camaraderie and friendly rivalry among your guests. Bubble Hockey creates an interactive atmosphere where players engage in spirited battles and memorable moments.

Compact and Portable: Its compact size makes it suitable for various venues. From corporate events to private parties, Bubble Hockey can easily fit into any space, bringing joy to players of all ages.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 5 x 3
Space Needed: 9 x 5

Make Your Event Unforgettable with Bubble Hockey

Looking to elevate your event with an exciting and competitive game? Bubble Hockey is the answer. Bring the joy of ice hockey to your gathering, and watch as players of all ages immerse themselves in the fast-paced action.

Don’t miss the chance to add a dynamic and entertaining element to your event. Book Bubble Hockey with Jumpin’ Jiminy, and let the games begin! Prepare for a memorable experience filled with laughter, competition, and endless fun.

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