Face Off Challenge

Gather your friends, colleagues, or students and get ready for an electrifying battle of wits with our Face Off Trivia Challenge! This Mobile Easy Trivia Multiplayer game takes trivia nights to the next level, ensuring a thrilling and interactive experience for players of all ages.

Interactive Gameplay, Easy Controls

The Face Off Challenge is designed for simplicity and excitement. The game features extra-large hit buttons and adjustable microphones, making it effortless for contestants to buzz in with their answers. 

Bright LED colored arrows instantly indicate to the audience which player has buzzed in first, adding an element of suspense to the competition. The LED scoring system, ranging from 0-9, keeps track of each player’s progress, enhancing the competitive spirit. To elevate the excitement, the game comes complete with sound effects, immersing players and spectators in the thrill of the competition.

Endless Trivia Fun for All Occasions

The rental package includes thousands of trivia questions suitable for every age group. Plus, you have the freedom to create your own questions, adding a personalized touch to the game. Face Off Challenge is versatile, making it perfect for a wide range of events:

School Events: Ideal for elementary, middle, and high schools, enhancing learning through engaging trivia challenges.

Religious Gatherings: Perfect for churches, promoting friendly competition and community bonding.

Educational Institutions: Suitable for colleges, making learning fun and interactive in classrooms and lecture halls.

Corporate Gatherings: Ideal for corporate meetings and training, fostering team building and knowledge sharing among employees.

Private Parties: Great for home parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and bridal showers, adding a lively and entertaining element to celebrations.

Sports Events: Perfect for sports-themed events, infusing sports knowledge into the competitive spirit.

Jumpin’ Jiminy: Your Trivia Entertainment Expert

Jumpin’ Jiminy operates throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, ensuring that the Face Off Trivia Challenge can bring excitement to your event, no matter where you are!

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