Hippo Chowdown

Welcome to the hilarious world of Hippo Chow Down, the latest inflatable game from Jumpin’ Jiminy that’s guaranteed to bring laughter and excitement to your event! Perfect for Project Proms, post-grad parties, and company picnics, this 4-player bungee tug-o-war style game combines speed, strength, and agility for an unforgettable experience.

How to Play Hippo Chow Down

Picture this: Four players, each with their back against the wall, race to the center of the game where a pond of balls awaits. The goal? Retrieve as many balls as possible and return them to the mesh bag at your starting wall. But here’s the twist – you’ll need to navigate through the chaos of the bouncing balls while being pulled back by the bungee cords! It’s a frantic race to chow down as many balls as you can before time runs out.

Unleash the Laughter and Competition

Get ready to witness epic showdowns and uproarious moments as players battle it out to become the ultimate Hippo Chow Down champion. With its unique combination of speed, strategy, and sheer hilarity, this inflatable game promises hours of entertainment for both participants and spectators alike.

Elevate Your Event with Jumpin’ Jiminy

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with Hippo Chow Down from Jumpin’ Jiminy. Whether you’re hosting a school celebration, corporate gathering, or community event, Hippo Chow Down adds an extra layer of excitement and fun that everyone will love. 

Contact us today to book your Hippo Chow Down inflatable and dive into the laughter and thrills! Available in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. 

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 27’x27’x7′
Space Needed: 27×27

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