LED Pool Table

Get ready to cue up the fun with our LED pool table rental! This isn’t just any pool table; it’s a seven-foot marvel of entertainment, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. With mesmerizing LED light features, this table transforms your ordinary game of pool into a glowing, high-energy experience. 

Whether you’re planning an epic after-prom party, a lively college gathering, or a corporate event that stands out, our LED pool table is sure to be the highlight of the night.

Why Choose an LED Pool Table?

Sleek Design: The LED lights add a touch of sophistication and excitement to your billiards games, making your pool table the center of attention at any event.

Versatility: Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, our LED billiards table is designed to shine. Its weather-resistant features make it suitable for a variety of settings, ensuring your party can continue no matter the weather.

Complete Set: The rental includes a full set of balls, a rack, and two cues, providing everything you need for an enjoyable and competitive game.

All-Occasion Entertainment: Perfect for after-prom celebrations, college parties, and corporate events, our LED Pool Table creates an ambiance of friendly competition and camaraderie.

Jumpin’ Jiminy: Your LED Pool Table Experience

Jumpin’ Jiminy offers premium LED pool table rentals, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience for you and your guests. With our professional setup and attention to detail, your event is guaranteed to shine bright.

Why Choose Jumpin’ Jiminy?

High-Quality Equipment: Our LED pool tables are designed for durability and equipped with vibrant, long-lasting LED lights, providing an exceptional visual experience.

Hassle-Free Service: We handle the setup, operation, and removal, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event while we take care of the entertainment.

Serving Four States: Jumpin’ Jiminy operates in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri, ensuring your event can sparkle anywhere in the region.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 7x4x3
Space Needed: 10x7x6

Light Up Your Event with an LED Pool Table!

Ready to add a touch of glamor and excitement to your event? Contact Jumpin’ Jiminy and bring the magic of an LED pool table to your celebration. Whether it’s an after-prom party, a college bash, or a corporate extravaganza, get ready for an evening of illuminated fun, laughter, and spirited competition. Let the glowing festivities begin!

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