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NEW items for 2016

We are really excited about the new items we have to offer you in 2016.

Below is a listing of the new items and if the name of the item is blue, you can click on it to be taken to a page with more information about it. Get ready for fun!

Titanic Slide sideview19′ Titanic Slide ($299/4 hours)



Backyard ClubhouseBackyard Clubhouse ($325/4 hours)




Basketball Mini All-StarBasketball Mini All-Star ($120/4 hours)




HumanBilliardsBodacious Billiards ($250/4 hours)




corkscrew-with-landingCorkscrew Waterslide ($475/4 hours)




Cover the SpotCover the Spot ($30/ 4 hours)




IMG_9151Dragon Hide-N-Slide ($349/ 4 hours)




IMG_9095bEqualizer Football Challenge ($340/ 4 hours)




Furious Fowl LogoFurious Fowl ($50/ event)



Giant Connect 4Giant Connect 4 ($45/ event)



Giant JengaGiant Jenga ($45/ event)



Giant CheckersGiant Checkers ($45/ event)




Human HamsterHamster Balls and Cross Track ($650/ 4 hours)



Hoops Double Shot DunkHoops Double Shot Basketball ($140/ 4 hours)



Jukebox Cash Cube2Jukebox Cash Cube ($150/ event)



Monster Blast squareMonster Blast ($45/ event)




OlympicChallenge50FeetOlympic Challenge Obstacle Course ($399/ 4 hours)



PluckADuckPluck-A-Duck ($75/ event)



Putts 2 Go closeupPutts 2 Go ( $50/event)



rodeo_roper_2Rodeo Roper ($625/ 4 hours)



SelfiePhotoBoothSelfie Booth ($150/ event)




Snake pit carnival gameSnake Pit ($45/ event)



speed pitchSpeed Pitch ($320/ event)



Bottle GameStand the Bottle ($35/ event)




Tornado ($750/ 3 hours)



Warrior Run W LogoWarrior Run Obstacle Course ($599/ 4 hours)


New Items for 2016!

Get a bird’s-eye view of what YOUR corporate event could look like when Jumpin Jiminy brings the element of fun:

We are really excited about the new inflatables and equipment we have to rent for 2016! We just know you’re going to love them, too. From Human Billiards to Zorb Balls…Jumpin Jiminy has you covered for whatever you need for your next event. CLICK HERE to go to a listing of all our new items and their prices. And be sure to call us today to get a free quote for the next event with your company picnic, church event, senior celebration, or college campus. 918-291-JUMP



Special Package Pricing!

Take advantage of our special package pricing!


Special #1-Backyard Special

1 – 15×15 Bounce

2 – $30 Carnival Games

1 – Concession Machine

$225/4 hours


Special #2-Church/School Event

Olympic Challenge O/C

Slide/Jump Combo

Basketball Mini All-Star

Pluck-A-Duck Game

2 – Concession Machines

$900/4 hours


Special #3-Corporate Special

Titanic Slide

World of Disney Combo

Animal Kingdom

Equalizer Football Challenge

Extreme Air Cannon

Adrenaline Rush O/C

4 – $30 Carnival Games

2 – Concession Machines

$2215/4 hours

Call us today (918-291-5867) to take advantage of these special package prices for your upcoming event!

Special Offers!


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